Gokarna-Goa-Dudhsagar: Part I

Gokarna- A piece of heaven

– Aldrin D’silva


Om beach

This trip dates back to Jan 6, 2014. My best friend Ronil Thomas and I had only graduated the previous year. Precisely just 8 months back and were still jobless.

We felt somewhat lost after college in not recognizing what to do in life. The thing we knew for certain was that we loved traveling. Couple of days before the trip, I was at Ronil’s home. We were having ginger wine and googling random stuff.

We knew that a long trip was overdue. Our planning started after having a few shots of ginger wine. We discussed about the Himalayas, Rohtang pass, Niagara falls, Taj Mahal and finally settled for the Gokarna-Dudhsagar. Goa just happened! It was never in our scheme of things.

We figured out stuff and prepared an itinerary. But money was still a concern. Our options were basically limited to -beg, borrow or steal.

However, the odds were not completely stacked against us. We somehow managed to work our way through and had Rs. 7500 each.


On January 6th 2014, we boarded the train at 11 pm from Ernakulam junction for the long 13 hour journey to Gokarna. It was a comfortable journey and we reached the next day around 12 pm.

Om Beach: Getting there

Om beach is 9-10 kms from Gokarna railway station. You can board Taxi or a rickshaw from Gokarna station to reach Om beach.

Anyway, we boarded a rickshaw. After traveling for 10 minutes we reached the top of a cliff. Suddenly Ronil asked the rickshaw guy to stop and we stepped out. 

We walked a few steps and reached the edge of the cliff. What we witnessed that moment is something I cannot put into words. We stood there still, looking at the shorelines and vastness of the Indian ocean that stretched beyond infinity.

Om beach: View from the cliff
Nirvana beach as seen from the top of the cliff

My top 5 memorable experiences- This one is right there at the top!

Within a few minutes we reached our destination. We were tired and hungry. Beach shacks were available at reasonable rates. We managed to find a shack for Rs. 650 for one night.

Om Beach

After settling down we went to have lunch at a beach side restaurant. We had a couple of beers and local food. It was a delightful lunch. We slept for some time after lunch.

Random click from the restaurant

Om beach trekking

Trekking on the coastal line was a wonderful experience. There are several beaches in Gokarna and the trek course is prominently known as the “Golden Route “. We decided to trek from Om Beach to Half moon beach.

Sunset, Om beach Gokarna

Half way through, one might get the impression of entering into a tropical rain forest. Despite the short distance, the route was densely thick with towering trees and vegetation. We lost track of the trail on our way back. That was even more adventurous and terrifying.

The night was chilly.The temperature had come down to 17°C.  We spent the rest of the night conversing with the fellow travelers and slept late night.


Om beach early morning

We woke up early morning. Previous night we had made plans to leave for Goa. We packed our stuff and had breakfast from the same restaurant.

Seashore rocks

Ronil wanted to climb the rocks before leaving and I joined him. It was quite dangerous. I could see the waves brushing against the rocks. But still we kept climbing higher.

Gokarna rock climbing

What to do in Gokarna?

Nothing actually!  If you’re looking for an unwinding trip, that is known to be safe and friendly for voyagers with beautiful landscapes to delve on your own, then Gokarna is the place to be.

Our Budget:

In the beginning I had mentioned how hard it was for us to figure out the financial backing for this trip. Therefore we had to keep a good grip on our expenses.

Baring apart the train costs, we spent around 2.8k  (our combined expense) in Gokarna. It included the cost of the beach shack, beers, lunch, dinner and breakfast.

One of the rock climbing spots in Gokarna

Anyway, that was pretty much our experience in Gokarna. There were still a lot of stuff we could have done there. But I’m sure this will not be the last of me you’ll read about venturing out to Gokarna.

4 thoughts on “Gokarna-Goa-Dudhsagar: Part I

  1. Hey, Amazing post. I had recently been to Gokarna and stayed at Gokarna international Kudle beach. I must say this place is perfect for someone who is reaching out for some peaceful vacation. Me and a friend trekked our way to Om beach from Kudle and later from Kudle to Gokarna beach and everything that we did in Gokarna was just worth it. You should try the Shirodhara massage at Kudle, just the perfect thing to do to relax. Star gazing right on the beach was another experience altogether.
    And I know exactly what you must have felt the moment you witnessed the view and got off the rickshaw.

    Cheers to your upcoming adventures.
    Go Loca 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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